The municipality of Grândola, center of the BP Ultimate Rally Raid Portugal event, is situated with one foot on the coast and the other in the interior of the country, making the most of both sides. There are a variety of natural features that give this region an unrivalled richness: an extensive stretch of coastline, breathtaking plains and mountains, long schist paths and a predominance of cork oaks that is hard to ignore. The coastline is an equally important part of Grândola. Encompassing the Troia strip, the Sado estuary, the Costa da Galé and the Melides Lagoon, the Council opens its doors to a destination where the proximity of the sea is acclaimed by all who pass through.

In this region, you can find various types of accommodation ready to meet everyone's needs: from rustic spaces surrounded by green landscapes to stylish 5-star hotels.

Discover how to get do Grândola

Os terrenos de Grândola

As terras do Rally Raid Portugal

For accommodation bookings, please contact Paula Rodrigues (ACP Viagens) by e-mail: [email protected]

For other questions about stays and hospitality, please contact Marta Barbosa: [email protected]

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